Republican Rod Dorilás Announces Bid for U.S. House of Representatives

Today, South Florida native Rod Dorilás announced his candidacy to represent the people of Florida’s 21st District in the United States House of Representatives. He is running as a Republican to challenge liberal Democrat Lois Frankel, who has held the seat for nearly a decade.

Dorilás is a first-generation American, a veteran, and a constitutional conservative. He is running to defend American values, protect small businesses from big government and put Americans first. He wants to stop the Radical Left from destroying the country that allowed him to be in the position that he is in today. Unlike the do-nothing establishment politicians like Frankel in Washington, Dorilás knows how to stand up for our country and fight for America’s interests. He has experienced it firsthand:

  • Dorilás’ parents immigrated to Florida from Haiti in 1985 and started their own small business, providing for their family and chasing after the American Dream.
  • At 17 years old, he enlisted in the United States Navy and served two tours in the Middle East and one tour in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Israel as part of Ballistic Missile Defense operations in support of Israel and other allies in the region.
  • Dorilás later went on to serve in the Trump Administration as Counsel in the Department of Commerce to U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross.

“My family built their own American dream without the ‘help’ of left-wing socialist politicians,” Dorilás said in a video released this morning announcing his candidacy for Congress. While at the Department of Commerce, Dorilás said “we fought every day to ensure American families and businesses weren’t getting railroaded by the Chinese Communist Party…protecting our country’s interests and putting Americans first is not just a fight for our generation, it’s for our children and grandchildren.”

After serving in the Navy, Dorilás graduated from Florida International University and Syracuse University College of Law. During law school, Dorilás served as a law clerk with the U.S. Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division, Office of the Assistant Attorney General where he worked on First and Eighth Amendment violations, Civil Rights Act of 1964 violations, and Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act violations. He also worked for the U.S. National Labor Relations Board, Office of the General Counsel, and the White House, Office of White House Counsel, where he worked on a myriad of federal and state legal issues.Dorilás currently runs his own law firm, which focuses on the representation of small businesses, entrepreneurs, and start-ups. He is currently a Security and Strategy Fellow with the Alexander Hamilton Society.