“I am excited to endorse Rod Dorilás for Congress. Rod is exactly the kind of representative that the American people need. As a veteran, first-generation American, small business owner, and former counsel in the Department of Commerce, Rod brings the experience and energy to make real change in Washington D.C. Rod is a fighter and the Republican candidate who can win in November. Rod has my full backing and I’m asking you to join me in supporting him.”

— U.S. Senator Tom Cotton

“Right now America needs a leader who is willing to fight to preserve the American Dream. As a first generation American and the only veteran in the race for Florida’s 22nd congressional district, I know Rod brings the passion, leadership, and the fight to ensure our conservative values are represented in Washington D.C. Rod is our best chance to defeat Lois Frankel in November and take back the House of Representatives. I look forward to working with Rod in the coming weeks and months to ensure we send a true conservative fighter to Washington.” 

— U.S. Congressman Burgess Owens