As A Veteran Who Witnessed Iranian Aggression, Here’s Why John Kerry’s Behavior Is So Alarming

By Rod Dorilas

Daily Wire

When I first read reports that Secretary John Kerry had allegedly divulged sensitive information about Israeli covert operations to the Iranian foreign minister, I was disturbed at the thought that any US official — let alone the Secretary of State — would so recklessly betray an ally, endanger our security, and cozy up to a regime that despises us.

Let me tell you: as a Navy veteran who has served three tours of duty overseas – in both the Mediterranean and the Middle East – defending our ally Israel from Iranian-sponsored terrorism, I have seen firsthand the aggressive and dangerous nature of the Iranian regime. I have witnessed Iranian naval vessels threaten our fleet in international waters. I have personally experienced what Iranian-funded militias are doing to threaten Israel and destabilize our allies in the region.

Yet, while my fellow service members and I were putting our lives on the line against Iranian aggression, what was Secretary Kerry doing? Appeasing Iranian officials, betraying Israel’s trust, and potentially putting their security forces in danger.

We were defending our ally. Secretary Kerry threw them under the bus.

If these reports are true, Kerry needs to be held accountable for putting American allies’ interests in danger and should resign. But that will not solve the bigger and more alarming problem: the current Democrat Administration is full of leaders obsessed with appeasing Iran. Their agenda is distancing America away from her traditional allies, and bringing us closer with her enemies.

Secretary Kerry and President Biden were instrumental in sneaking millions in cash to the Iranian regime, which was promptly used to fund terrorism against American service-members and our allies. They were the architects of the flawed nuclear deal that enables, not prohibits, Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. It was an empty deal that empowered Iran and endangered our allies…a deal that President Biden is yet again trying to reestablish. When President Trump authorized a strike last year on Iranian General Soleimani — whose hands were stained with the blood of American service members — President Biden took Iran’s side and warned that his death would spark a war.

He was wrong, just like he and the rest of the Democrat establishment have been wrong about Iran for years.

As someone who has served overseas, it is clear to me that Iran is not our friend, nor do they want to be. They address the United States as the ‘Great Satan.’ They have killed Americans and funded terrorism against our allies. They have threatened to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth.

We need leaders in Washington who recognize this obvious fact and fight for our national security. We need leaders who will side with our actual allies instead of committing sabotage in favor of a rogue authoritarian regime.

After serving in the Navy, I proudly joined the Trump Administration, which made historic success in building new alliances in the Middle East against Iran and confronting Iranian belligerence head on. That is the path we should be on. I’m running for Congress to ensure we stop appeasing our enemies and start putting America and her allies first.

Rod Dorilás is a U.S. Navy veteran, first-generation American, former Trump Administration official, and Republican candidate for Congress in Florida.

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